Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pacific Subjectivities: "Routes and Roots" of Indigeneity and Militarism

The piece I wrote below is part of my prospectus for my dissertation project. I've worked up the courage to share it outside of my department and committee in hopes of prompting constructive feedback and dialogues around my prospective project. In my three years of graduate studies, one of my deepest fears has been to share my writing. I tend to feel vulnerable when putting my ideas out there for others to read. I've learned since that my work, my ideas have developed from numerous conversations, readings and personal experiences and therefore should be shared in order to further shape my analytical thinking. After all, my intellectual development and my projects of interest involve and are impacted by so many other people. It seems only fair that I, as an academic, ensure that I am speaking accurately, appropriately, and more importantly respectfully. If you have time, please offer any comments and feedback regarding this piece. Please be kind in your comments...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Colbert on Palau

Ambassador of Belau to the UN on The Colbert Show.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Voicing Indigeneity

Last Saturday, two of my colleagues from the Department of Ethnic Studies, UCSD and I sat at my kitchen table and recorded our first podcast. Our intent was to foster and continue our constant intimate dialogues on the topic of indigeneity. This specific first round was intended to contextualize and articulate the urgency and necessity of incorporating indigenous epistemology into Ethnic Studies curriculum. It was a productive hour long conversation that shall initiate a series of discussions in the near future. Check it out...

Michael "Miget" Lujan Bevacqua, a Chamorro scholar, activist and friend, is the up and coming expert on "everything Chamorro and anything Guam." Angela Morril, a Modoc-Klamath Native of Portland, does exciting work on memory, war, and healing.

There is more to come...